Pet Friendly Duplexes for Rent in Nebraska (0)


How to Rent a Pet Friendly Home in Nebraska:

Pet friendly rentals can prove immensely challenging finds for renters looking to find a new home that is willing to welcome their beloved pet. Sadly, for this reason, many pet owners turn over their beloved cats and dogs to animal shelters across the nation each year. While it is true that historically many of the houses for rent and apartments were not willing to accept dogs or cats, many landlords are now changing their tune and allowing tenants to move into their new premises with their animal friends. The key to finding a rental property that will allow you to do exactly this is a bit of perseverance and thorough research.

Condo rentals and apartments for rent in large cities are often more accommodating of renters who have pets, as a much larger segment of the population in these environments rents. Instead, the goal for many city dwellers is to find an apartment that does not charge additional fees for a dog or cat to make his home there. Landlords are free to set their own pet policies according to their personal desires, so there are no hard and fast rules for renters to live by. Rather than haggling with landlords to change their fees or begin accepting pets, however, most experts recommend that renters find landlords who are comfortable with the pet situation from the very beginning.

While what happens in Omaha may not be what takes place in other small towns across Nebraska, many renters nevertheless manage to find rooms for rent, townhouses, and lofts that are open to both animals and their owners. In some cases, it may even be possible to secure temporary rentals or furnished rentals with your pet. Other alternatives including section 8 housing may also offer the opportunity for pet owners to bring along their pals.

One of the best ways to find quality housing that allows animals is to utilize some of the available online resources. The search function on is a great tool that many renters have used to find a suitable apartment that welcomes animals. Simply perform a search query and filter out apartments that do not have pet friendly policies in place. This will allow you to easily see what rental properties are available in a particular area.

Finding a pet friendly home may be a challenge, but the end result is well worth the effort. Rather than saying goodbye to your precious pet once and for all, why not spend some time searching for a new home that can accommodate the both of you. Not only will your pet be happier, but you will certainly enjoy having your furry friend by your side for years to come.