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In the current real estate landscape, rent-to-own is often the best possible situation to enter into, due to the potential for property owners to maximize profit or transfer ownership of a property that they can no longer use for themselves, and also because it offers the best chance for renters to finally own their own homes, making payments toward that goal while renting. This gives a feeling of satisfaction, an assurance that money is not being wasted when paying the rent each month, and a sense of belonging and ownership even before the deal goes through. Rent-to-own agreements are often seen as complicated or burdensome, but with proper mediation and an understanding of the paperwork, it's a very straightforward process where everybody wins.

Cities in Nebraska such as Omaha, Lincoln, and North Platte boast a real estate market budding with opportunities for growth, with many new families moving in every year. Some of these families have never owned their own homes. For these families and individuals, rent-to-own provides a financially feasible opportunity for them to buy their first home without taking on a debt too large for them to afford. This benefits the property owner as well, letting them get the most out of their investment while earning a passive income at the same time.

Rent-to-own combines the ideals of home ownership with the convenience of renting, making it an alternative option that many people in Nebraska are looking for. Rent-to-own allows the renter to pay a certain amount towards the down payment with each rental payment, diminishing the size of the final down payment when the time comes to transfer ownership. Depending upon the agreement, the renter may be obliged to bow out of the deal if the funds are not available to pay for the down payment, releasing him or her from the lease to purchase agreement.