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The beauty of the great American desert southwest beckons all kinds of residents ready to make their home New Mexico and many are interested in rent to own properties so they can settle in and start a new chapter in their lives. At, our listings bring together landlords offering rent to own properties with tenants who are interested in more than a rental but don't have available funds necessary for a full mortgage. Our rental property classified ads are set up by state and region in easily accessible databases that make it simple to locate New Mexico houses that are being offered on a rent to own basis.

Landlord and property managers who use are typically looking for a tenant who will pay the option fee of one to five percent of the asking price which goes towards the purchase. Then the tenant will pay the market price for rent with an additional premium that is also applied to the final purchase. Most landlords prefer short-term contracts but often will negotiate the rent premium, option period and closing costs.

Often tenants moving to New Mexico are interested in the adobe style homes with their soft lines and warm colors. Favorite features of this desert-style architecture are the viga log ceilings, kiva fireplaces and big plate glass windows positioned to take in the views. Often these properties include walled courtyards ideal for outdoor dining and sunbathing with swimming pools to beat the desert heat.

In the cities of Albuquerque, Taos and Santa Fe, the building codes stipulate that neighborhoods reflect the adobe style of architecture but permit variations that create unique expressions of the desert southwest themes. The small towns of New Mexico offer an eclectic mix of homes, many constructed by the owner or renovated from smaller settlements. Rent to own properties in the countryside of New Mexico are often regarded as gentleman estates because they include enough acreage to easily accommodate an orchard, garden or horse barn and pasture.

Another favorite style of New Mexico architecture is the modern recreation of the log cabins built by the early settlers. These sturdy wooden homes often have rustic touches like a native stone fireplace, deep covered porch or an upstairs loft that can serve as a spare room or office.

One recent addition to the New Mexico style of living is the controversial Earthships, designed by renegade architect Michael Reynolds using such unconventional building materials as rubber tires, wine bottles and aluminum cans. Earthships represent the cutting edge of off-the-grid concepts that create a self-sufficient environment where each house collects its own power, gathers and recycles rain water and provides an indoor garden for year round vegetables and herbs.

Regardless of the style or size of the property, the services at can connect tenants to landlords with rent to own properties in New Mexico. With our Internet outreach campaign and marketing strategy, the listings on attract the attention of house hunters interested in New Mexico rent to own properties.