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Welcome to, where renters, landlords and property managers can either search an assortment of Nevada houses, condos, townhouses, duplexes, apartments and other rent-to-own property rentals, or can promote their properties to rent to potential tenants. is where both rent-to-own tenants and landlords or property mangers are brought together at a click of a button.

Whether you're new to the state or a current resident looking to relocate to another area, renters literally have thousands of Nevada rent-to-own rentals and lease options so that they can find the exact rental with the precise specifications they're looking for.

Las Vegas is backed by not only a perpetual service industry, which is directly tied to tourism, but a rather strong rent-to-own property market. Based on the annual tourist report for Las Vegas, the average visitor not only stayed for a longer period but spent more in 2012 and 2011 than 2009. Vegas casinos have had their best performances in the past couple of years. In 2012, this trend is expected to not only continue but increase.

Renting Vegas residential property is an investment in a long-term, sustainable and thriving community. There is a steady influx of tourists and new residents that consistently stream into Las Vegas, which provides a consistent number of opportunities in spite of the current state of the economy in the U.S. The success that sustains Nevada as a thriving business and investment venture is not limited exclusively to bright lights, loud casinos, luxurious hotels and wild nightlife. It continues to prove itself as a stable community in which to reside.

Cities like Las Vegas, Nevada was the number one residential market picks on a list of the top ten Best Undervalued Places to Live, which was a comprehensive survey conducted by U.S. News and World Report. Moreover, National Geographic Adventure Magazine deemed Vegas as the most desirable place to live and play in a list of fifty locations. Nevada residents still enjoy no state income tax, low unemployment, clean and safe neighborhoods and spectacular parks and recreation.

From cliff climbing, hiking and mountain biking in the Red Rock National Conservation Area to skiing and snowboarding on the ridge of Mount Charleston, Nevada is a mecca of outdoor events and activities for outdoor enthusiasts. You can also be assured that the local weather will never disappoint, with averages of sunny climate more than three hundred days a year, year round. is the quickest and most efficient way renters and landlords can achieve their goals with a user-friendly search tool. This website is simply the most ideal way to promote their rental property. The listings have been posted by owners, landlords and property managers throughout the Nevada area.

Renters have the luxury of advanced search tools that allow them to pick from a list of rent-to-own properties throughout the region, whether in Reno, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe or Carson City with the exact amenities, features and specifications they're looking for. The bigger the selection, the less time is spent searching and more time living and enjoying what the Silver State has to offer.