Rent-to-Own Houses in Alabama (0)


For many residents of Alabama, the dream of owning their own home may still be alive, but the ability to buy a home through a traditional mortgage may not be a reality. There can be numerous reasons for this. In most cases, prospective buyers are not able to purchase a home because they are not able to qualify for a loan due to poor credit or a lack of credit. In other cases, they simply may not have enough money saved to cover the cost of the down payment and closing costs. When someone wishes to buy a home, but cannot do so through traditional channels, rent to own homes in Alabama can be the ideal solution.

There are numerous benefits to considering an Alabama rent to own property. Not only are these properties often available regardless of your credit situation, but they also present a tremendous amount of flexibility. For instance, in some cases when someone first moves to Alabama or moves from one city in Alabama to another area, they may not be certain about their living arrangements. Until they decide exactly where they want to settle, renting can make a lot of sense. Taking a rent to own property gives you the flexibility of not committing to purchasing a property, but also keeping the option open if you decide you like the property later and want to buy it.

There are also tremendous financial benefits to a rent to own property in Alabama as well. When buying a home through traditional methods, you typically must be prepared to make a 20% down payment as well as pay closing costs. Depending on the price of the property, the closing costs alone can amount to thousands of dollars. This is not a problem when you take a rent to own property. Simply pay your first and last month's rent and your security deposit and you can be ready to move in. The precise terms of a rent to own agreement can vary among properties, but in many cases the landlord will agree to credit a portion of the monthly rent toward the purchase price of the property.

Also, when you rent a property that is rent to own, you do not have to be concerned about the property being sold out from under you or the property being on the market for sale while you are living there. This can be convenient as you do not have to worry about agents asking to show the house all the time.

There are numerous types of rent to own properties available throughout Alabama. Whether you are looking for a rent to own home in Montgomery, Mobile or Auburn you will be able to find a home that suits your needs and is available on a rent to own basis. Various types of rental properties available on a rent to own basis in Alabama include traditional homes, lakehouses, cabins and more. Whether you need something cozy and comfortable or something larger, there are plenty of options available.