Rent-to-Own Houses in Louisana (2)

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4 Bed/2 Bath House for Rent $4500

1508 Regatta Cove

Slidell, LA 70458

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4 Bed/3 Bath House for Rent $2300

4454 Marais River Drive

Slidell, LA 70461

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Not everyone has the cash to buy a home in Louisiana when they decide they want to do so. In order to be approved for a mortgage loan you typically need good credit as well as the ability to pay for closing costs and a down payment. For many people, this can sometimes be out of their price range without some time to work on their credit and put aside some money. For people in this type of situation it might seem as though it would be impossible to get out of renting and into a home of their own, but there are options available. Those options include Louisiana rent to own properties.

Renting to own in Louisiana can be a wonderful solution whether you need to rebuild your credit, save money for a down payment or you want to try home ownership but you are not sure yet whether it is right for you. It is entirely possible to gain freedom from the rental cycle. Many people find a rent to own arrangement to be very effective and beneficial.

In looking at whether a rent to own is the right choice for you, it is important to understand that you will not immediately own the home. You will be able to move into the home right away. This can be a great opportunity to find out whether you are going to like the house in the long term. During this time you will continue to make monthly rental payments. You can also be assured that the owner of the house will not sell the house during this time period. This assurance comes from the rent to own agreement you sign when you take the house. Although the terms of a rent to own agreement can vary, in most cases this agreement will stipulate a specific purchase price for the property and that no one other than the renter can buy the property during a specified time period. Keep in mind that this does not obligate you to buy the property. It merely gives you the right to buy it at a locked down price during that time period if you wish to do so. If you decide the house is not the right match for your needs or if you are not able to buy the house during that time period, you can simply walk away.

There can also be financial benefits to a Louisiana rent to own. For example, many property owners will allow a portion of the rent to be credited toward the down payment for the house or even the purchase price if you do buy it. If you have experienced problems in the past saving for a down payment, this can be a great way to discipline yourself into doing so.

Rent to own properties are available throughout Louisiana, including New Orleans, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Shreveport and other cities. A quick search on can provide you with a listing of rent to own properties in your area.