Rent-to-Own Houses in New Jersey (0)


Conveniently located, the Tri-State area is close to New York City and Philadelphia. With New Jersey's proximity to these major cities, it is a great state to live in for employment. The Garden State also is a popular state for rent-to-own properties. New Jersey is all about location! Dozens of major cities are within driving distance from anywhere in New Jersey. New Jersey is one of the most expensive states in the United States, but it’s also more affordable than living in New York City, which makes it a popular location for many NYC commuters. One way to make it even more affordable is a rent-to-own property. Not only is a tenant making rental payments, they're also putting money towards teh eventual purchase of the property, making it a smart and sensible investment for many renters.

Two of the most desired cities in New Jersey are North Bergen and Hoboken. These cities are great for families that desire good schools and numerous outdoor activities. Because Hoboken and North Bergen are more sought after communities, expect to pay high prices for rentals. If you want to pay less, consider moving to Toms River. The cost of living in Toms River is more reasonable. Wayne is another city to consider for safety and family values.