Rent-to-Own Houses in Oregon (0)


In Oregon, the dream of home ownership is never out of reach. Rent to own properties of various descriptions are available throughout the state, making it possible for prospective homeowners to work toward attaining one of the most enduring American dreams.

With a rent to own property, you get to work toward owning a home while still renting it. Most of these homes are single family dwellings. They are complete with everything a new homeowner could wish: living room, dining room, kitchen, multiple bedrooms and perhaps an attic space. Even better, these homes can have a yard that grants privacy and also increases your living area. Before you know it, you'll be hosting backyard barbecues for your friends and neighbors. There's also plenty of room for the kids to play safely in their own yard. For most parents, this kind of living is a dream come true.

In such a rent to own home, if it possible to have all of the square footage you could desire. Each child can have a room of their own and the parents can enjoy a master suite complete with plenty of closet space and a private bath. Some lease to own homes feature a gourmet kitchen that is ideal for entertaining or just cooking an intimate meal for two. Ownership of a stylish, attractive and highly functional home is possible when you rent to own a property in Oregon.

Of course, not every rent to own property in Oregon is a single family home. Some are condos, duplexes and townhouses to name a few. When you choose to live in a condo, you get some of the freedom of apartment living while still experiencing the joys of ownership. Most condo complexes have common green areas. These expanses of grass and carefully manicured gardens are kept by a professional yard maintenance company. They are the perfect places for kids to roam and play. Many complexes also feature a playground, a pool and a clubhouse that can be rented for parties. Some even boast a workout room. Imagine having a state of the art gym within walking distance of your rent to own condo! Many condo properties are surprisingly spacious and possess some of the most desirable amenities available on the market today. When you don't have to spend your time maintaining the yard, you can really enjoy everything the condo lifestyle offers.

Whether you are seeking a rent to own home in the bright lights of Portland or the outdoorsy glow of Bend, Oregon has plenty to tempt prospective homeowners. Most of these properties have a set rental term at the end of which the occupant may choose to buy the house. This represents an exceptional opportunity to try out a home before you buy it. Rental terms generally last between one and three years, providing plenty of time to get to know your prospective home. A rent to own property allows you to give your family the kind of stability and security they deserve while also raising your standard of living.