Rent-to-Own Townhouses in Texas (0)


Rent to own properties in Texas are a great way for those starting out to purchase a house even if they do not have the reserves to make a down payment. Owners of these properties offer their buyers a contract for a certain number of years, usually three or less, that allows the buyers to save up money towards a down payment and eventual purchase of the property. Some money from each rent payment is put into an account for a down payment while the rest goes to the landlord as a rent payment.

With the current lending standards being so strict it is difficult for even the most qualified buyers to find a loan for a new house. Rent to own properties are a great concept to allow everyone to experience the American dream of home ownership even if they cannot initially qualify for the full purchase price of the house.

Rent to own properties can be found throughout the great state of Texas and feature a wide range of homes. The homes range from small two bedroom houses to homes large enough to accommodate even the biggest family. A little research into the area will turn up a multitude of potential homes.

One of the advantages of renting to own is the chance for a family to experience a neighborhood without making a big commitment. With contracts as short as 12 months, a family new to an area can experience a neighborhood with a rent to own home and then decide if that area is right for them or if they need to look for another area of the city for their permanent home. This is especially helpful in larger markets like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Austin. The vast number of suburbs and subdivisions in these areas make it impossible to know good locations from bad locations until some time has been spent in the area.

The rent to own model is a great opportunity for those trying to sell their home as well. The current housing market and stringent loan requirements have made it very difficult to sell homes recently. Houses are sitting on the market for extended periods of time. Sellers that offer their property as a rent to own home can avoid the let down of a home sitting idle while they are ready to move to their new house.

The terms and conditions of a rent to own contract are flexible and an agreement can usually be found between the two parties that are interested in this type of contract. The seller will be able to make money on their investment while the buyer is able to get into a house that they might not be able to qualify for otherwise.

Whether they are new to an area or are just moving out of an apartment for the first time, renting to own a home in Texas is a great way for home buyers to start their lives. Anyone purchasing a house should look into the benefits of this method of buying a home to determine if it is right for them.