Rooms for Rent in Connecticut

Renting a room is an increasingly viable alternative to buy a house or condo these days. Room rentals are not subject to the sudden whims of the mortgage market, are highly affordable and offer greater financial stability. The market for room rentals has been very strong in recent years, creating a situation advantageous for both prospective renters and sellers alike. Room rentals are available in all price ranges and are great for everyone from young professionals to families to retirees in their golden years. One of the top states to rent a room in is Connecticut. The state's rental market is very strong and offers a wide array of places to live and things to see and do.

Connecticut offers many advantages for room renters. The state is very affordable, especially compared to nearby areas like New York City and Boston. Connecticut also boasts moderate tax rates, a bevy of rental choices and a very high level of livability. No matter what city or region of the state you're looking to rent a room in, you're sure to find something that suits your tastes and budget.

Property owners will find a very strong market for room rentals as well. Room rentals increasingly go for top dollar in Connecticut and the market remains highly popular with young professionals and recent college graduates, especially. With the demand so strong for room rentals in Connecticut, more and more property owners are renting out rooms in the state.

Connecticut offers a huge variety of places to live and visit. From ambient New England small towns to comfortable suburbs to cosmopolitan cities, the state of Connecticut offers something for everyone. The state's attractions include everything from beaches to forests to world-class museums and theaters.

Hartford, the state capital, is a great place to rent a room. Proclaimed as “New England's Rising Star,” the city has undergone a dramatic renaissance in recent years. Hartford plays host to many historic, charming neighborhoods as well as a wide variety of attractions. These include the Wadsworth Athenaeum, the Bushnell Theater, Bushnell Park and the Mark Twain House.

The city of New Haven is another great city to rent a room in. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and colonial charm, New Haven is home to many great shops, restaurants and bars. Attractions here include the Peabody Museum, Wooster Square and the New Haven Green.

Other top places in Connecticut include Fairfield County, Mystic and the Litchfield Hills.

With its strong market for both room renters and property owners and wealth of great places to live, Connecticut is one of the best states to rent a room in or rent out a room in your own property.