Rooms for Rent in District of Columbia

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Room Rentals in DC

As the nation's capital, Washington DC has plenty to offer. Not only is DC home to the country's three branches of government, but you will also find a wide array of museums and national monuments scattered throughout the District of Columbia, including the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, National Mall and more. Today, DC is well-known for its eclectic blend of nightlife, dining and shopping. Comprised of four primary districts, there is truly something for everyone in DC. In the Downtown area, you will find the National Mall and the theater district, along with fine dining and a wealth of museums. This is also the home to the White House. Take a trip to the North Central District and you will find a diverse array of neighborhoods as well as a ton of restaurants, boutique shopping opportunities and plenty of live music. The west section of town is home to Georgetown and is also considered to be the wealthiest and one of the more prestigious sections of town. To the east is Capitol Hill, the Library of Congress and a variety of eccentric neighborhoods.

If you are looking for housing accommodations in DC, one option you may wish to consider is renting a room. This can be a particularly advantageous option if you are going to be attending college in DC or you are taking an internship here and you cannot afford to pay a lot per month in rent. Renting or sharing a room in DC is also a great way to become familiar with the local area and meet plenty of new people.

For landlords, there are also many reasons to consider renting out a room in your own property to a tenant. For instance, if you need help in paying the mortgage or you would like to bring in extra money to pay off your mortgage earl; this could be an ideal arrangement. Taking in a roommate is also a good choice for individuals who do not like the idea of living alone. If you have recently been widowed or your child has moved out to live on their own or attend college, renting out a room to a tenant is a great way to bring in extra money and alleviate your loneliness. You will also find that you may well be able to benefit from tax advantages by taking in a renter as well, but always be sure to consult your accountant or tax advisor.