Rooms for Rent in Mississippi

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Since Mississippi's cities are smaller than most other states, there are fewer apartments per square inch compared to other cities across the country. In addition, apartment complexes that cater towards families, young professionals, and families are limited. Prices for these apartments are reasonable, but with a greater proportion of houses in Mississippi's cities, it may make more sense to rent a room in a traditional single family home. Rental rates in houses are on par with other apartments, or even cheaper. Plus, the living space is generally larger by several hundreds of square feet, and these rental rooms offer private driveways and backyards. Houses with rental rooms are also in safer areas in general. Often, it may be cheaper to rent a room and still have more amenities compared to living in an apartment.

The best cities other than college towns to live while renting a room would be Jackson, Hattiesburg, Gulfport, and Biloxi. Jackson is the capital of the state, and has one of the largest economies in the state. The city has seen steady growth year after year with more economic opportunities than other cities. Several neighborhoods are available with plenty of housing. The city has a thriving healthcare industry, is the center of several manufacturing industries, and has a growing population. Hattiesburg is another city that has grown significantly in the past decades and has both a professional and college population. Gulfport and Biloxi are cities on the coast that have a huge gambling and entertainment industry, along with a healthy fishing and coastal industry. In addition, these two cities are in close proximity to New Orleans, LA, making travel between the two areas very easy.

Property owners in these cities also have plenty of incentive to rent out rooms to others living in the state and in these cities. The cities listed above have high turnover of young professionals, college students, graduate students, and pre-professional (medicine, law) students. Owning a home in the area is also cheaper due to the lower standard of living compared to other cities across the country. Renting out a room is typically easy due to the high demand of young adults needing housing for a few years due to schooling or work. Renters will also help with payments toward a mortgage; in fact, if enough renters are in a house, the rent payment from renters can often cover the cost of the mortgage completely or even net a profit long-term.