Rooms for Rent in Nevada

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Renting a Room in Sunny Nevada

The beautiful and wild state of Nevada is one of the grand tourist destinations in the world. Every year, millions of people come to this desert oasis to enjoy the daily sunshine and endless opportunities. Finding a room to share or room to rent is the perfect way to ease into this healthy and happy southwestern state.

The number one tourist destination of the world awaits you. Las Vegas is one of the largest cities in this fine sunny state and offers something for everyone. Come and check out the nightlife on the strip or the quiet ease of the surrounding suburban centers. Nowadays, growing families and glitzy joy-searching singles make this world class city their home.

The capital of Nevada and the center for arts and culture in the Northern corners of the southwest, Reno calls to all. Reno has beautiful snowy winters and warm sunny summers making this city the ideal spot for outdoor living. Known as ‘The Biggest Little City' is just that: all the charm of a small town but with a size big enough to make Reno a lifelong home for artists, musicians, academic seekers, scientists and professionals. As the state capital, Reno is a great place to retire or raise a family.

Just 90 miles south of Las Vegas, this little spot is a mecca for people looking for some relief from the dry desert. Set along the banks of the Colorado River, Laughlin is a city driven by water sports and outdoor fun. Many world famous resorts and casinos line the shores of Colorado and there is even a fantastic local's scene. Not only does Laughlin have the best of both worlds being on the river but tucked inside the warm desert. Laughlin is boasted as a favorite place to live and work in the southwestern United States.

For Property Owners:
Consider the money you will save by opening up your property to rentals and room-sharing. Thousands of people make the move to Nevada every month bringing in thousands of dollars of rental opportunities. Why not open your home up to a person that will care for your property as if it were their own? Imagine the relief you will feel each month knowing your property is cared for. Enjoy financial relief with the monthly rental income that would pay for any repairs and property taxes as well.