Rooms for Rent in New York

Renting a Room In New York State

For those who are looking to rent a room in a house, or looking to rent out a room in a house, why not look at your opportunities in New York State. There are many things to do and many great cities to choose from if you are interested in living in the Empire State.

Why Rent In New York State

If you are looking to live in New York City, you are going to find that housing prices are quite high. Renting a room, or sharing a room, is going to help you out tremendously. If you are living in upstate New York, there are many great areas that are easily accessed. Buffalo and Rochester offer historic neighborhoods with places for rent and are close to historic buildings, sports venues and nightlife.

Where Should You Live In New York State


Buffalo is home the Bills of the NFL and the Sabres of the NHL. Vibrant nightlife and close proximity to Niagara Falls make this a popular place to live.


History abounds in Rochester. Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglas are two famous people from history made their home there. Lots of sports and entertainment options and is close to Lake Ontario for those who like the water.


The capital of New York State and home to the Egg Theater, which is a well known theater. Visit the capital buildings, or take advantage of proximity to the Adirondack and Catskill mountains.

New York City:

The Big Apple, New York City is home to the Statue Of Liberty and Madison Square Garden. Plenty of tourist spots and things to do if you are visiting. NYC is a very popular city for room rentals in general. There are typically a large number of rooms available at all times in all areas throughout the city.

Why Rent Your Room To Someone Else

The benefit of renting a room to someone else is that you generate income, plus you can deduct some of your expenses on your taxes. Help pay off your mortgage while taking a tax deduction. There are many people in the state who are looking to rent, and with the economy being what it is, it could be a good situation for you and your tenant.

Renting in New York State is a great option for those who want to live in the state, but cannot afford a house. There is so much to see and do that spending even a short time in New York is going to be a wonderful experience that you won't forget.