Rooms for Rent in Oregon

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Renting a Room in Oregon
Renting a room in Oregon is a great way to save money. Best for singles or couples, it spares tenants the expense of renting an entire home. A room rental agreement may allow tenants whole-house privileges or decree they have access only to specified rooms. It can be long term or short term, month-to-month or lease.

Renting a room has many advantages for those who do not need much space. Typically, the monthly rent is much cheaper than renting a home independently, as there are other people to share the expenses. This also cuts down on utility costs. For the single person, it may also help to combat boredom or help promote safety. Many room rental agreements promote great friendships between tenants.

Oregon is a great state in which to live. Portland, Oregon's largest city, is a virtual hub of culture and entertainment. With great restaurants and nightlife, the city at the base of Mt. Hood boasts a natural beauty few other big cities could rival. Portland is home to the Rose Garden Arena which plays host to top notch entertainment, sporting contests, rodeos, circuses and theater productions. Homes in Portland are typically expensive, leading many to consider renting rooms in an effort to cut costs.

Eugene is another great place to live. About two hours from the hustle and bustle of Portland, Eugene is a large city with plenty of opportunities to work and play. Eugene is also a pioneer of “green” living, and the entire city attempts to do its part. The streets and skies are cleaner here. Home to the University of Oregon, Eugene is a college town. House sharing and room renting are very popular here due to the large population of students living in the city.

In southern Oregon, the weather is warmer and dryer. The Rogue Valley is prime real estate for those who dislike the crowds in the larger cities up north. With dozens of lakes, popular fishing and hunting areas and ample opportunities for hiking and camping, the Rogue Valley is an outdoorsman's paradise. Medford and Ashland are two of the more popular cities here, and room rentals are easy to find.

Those already living in Oregon with a room to spare may wish to consider renting it out. Extra income is always desirable and can help to defray the costs of home ownership. You may even make a lifelong friend along the way!