Rooms for Rent in Texas

The Benefits of Room Rentals

In general, living in Texas is less expensive than in other states. Gasoline is cheaper, housing costs are lower and there is no state income tax. Of course, apartments and stand alone houses are available for rent but for the personable, neat and responsible person, nothing beats renting a room in full size house. In addition to a place to sleep, most room rentals also include the use of the kitchen, backyard and garage. It's like having your own home without the hassles.

Houston, Dallas and San Antonio offer remarkable opportunities for the person searching for a room to rent. While room rentals are fairly expensive in the downtown or trendy areas, each has extremely affordable suburbs located a short drive or bus trip from the urban centers.

Houston offers the widest variety of room rental options, with hundreds of neighborhoods spread out over an area of almost 600 square miles. Houston contains everything that a big city should have and is also close to the resorts and beaches of Galveston island. The second largest metro area in Texas provides room rentals from the sophisticated elegance of downtown Dallas to the countrified feel of suburban Fort Worth. These two adjacent areas offer everything from fine dining to bronco busting.

San Antonio is the best little city in Texas. Located near the Guadalupe River in the hill country of West Texas, San Antonio boasts a diverse demographic and plenty of outdoor activities. It is exceptionally inexpensive to live and work there. The other little city in Texas is Austin. It is home to many cash strapped artists looking to build a career and to thriving music, visual arts and activist communities. Room shares are easy to find and roommates are everywhere.

Obviously, owners also benefit also from the renting of a room. Of course, there is the financial aspect that helps defray the mortgage payment every month. In addition, a renter provides additional security. Weekend getaways and vacations are less worrisome as the homeowner knows that someone is still at the house. Similarly, a renter will usually oblige by taking care of the pets, bringing in the mail, putting out the garbage and performing small maintenance needs while the homeowner is away. A renter is insurance against a multitude of problems and aggravations.

Simply stated, renting a room in Texas is beneficial to both parties if both act responsibly. A small price to pay for a decent place to live and peace of mind.