Rooms for Rent in Virginia

The popularity of room rentals have risen dramatically all across the United States. More stable than the mortgage market and more affordable than leasing an apartment or condominium, renting a room is both economical for renters and highly profitable for those leasing out their property. Whether you prefer to live in a big city, small town or suburb, room rentals can be found everywhere. One of the best states to rent a room in is Virginia. This state offers many benefits to room renters, whether they stay for a few months or 1 to 2 years.

Virginia boasts affordable room rental rates, a modest cost of living and rapidly growing rental market, especially in Northern Virginia. The state is filled with great cities, towns and regions to live in. These include the comfortable suburbs of Northern Virginia, cosmopolitan cities like Richmond and Norfolk and quiet regions like the Blue Ridge Mountains. Whether you're a young professional, recent college graduate or are looking for more permanent housing in Virginia, renting a room is an economical and practical option in this state.

Property owners in Virginia have also found great success in renting out their property to prospective renters. Due to the state's strong room rental market and increasing affluence, room rentals have proven to be highly lucrative for those seeking to lease out their own property to renters.

Virginia is filled with great places to live. One of these places is Richmond, the state's capital. A historic and lively city, Richmond is filled with plenty of shops, restaurants, museums, cultural sites and attractions for room renters to enjoy. Just some of these attractions include Belle Isle, the Historic Downtown district, Marymount Park, the American Civil War Center and the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.

Northern Virginia, perfect for those commuting to Washington, D.C., offers many great cities and towns to rent a room in. These include the historic city of Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church and Sterling. This region is known for its rich culture, high livability and low crime rate as well.

The Hampton Roads region, renowned for its strong economy and numerous attractions, offers cities like Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News and Chesapeake.

Other great cities and regions in Virginia include the Eastern Shore, Virginia Beach, the Shenandoah Valley and the historic city of Williamsburg.

With its strong market for both renters and sellers and strong economy, Virginia is a great place to both rent out a room or lease out property to prospective renters.