Rooms for Rent in Washington

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Washington: Excellent Employment Opportunities, Spectacular Outdoor Recreation and a Strong Arts Community

From Spokane to the Tri Cities to Okanogan to Seattle, Washington state is a great place to live. The state combines excellent employment opportunities in growing industries with fabulous recreation opportunities, a rich native and European history, and a burgeoning arts community. Coming to the state is as easy as finding a place to stay.

On the working side of life, opportunities vary geographically. West of the Cascades, software, biotechnology and aerospace are prominent industries. These industries are also active east of the Cascades, but there farming, power generation, mining and other resource industries are also important. On the pleasure side of life, for outdoor recreation, skiing is available within a few hours of almost any town in the state, and there are equal opportunities for both wilderness hikers and off-road vehicle enthusiasts. Seattle and the surrounding area have a thriving arts scene, with everything from popular music to a glass-blowing community.

Many people move to Washington to take advantage of these opportunities. Just the same, moving to a new state without an employment offer is risky. One way to lower the risk of moving is to rent a room in a house with other people. Renting a room is less expensive than renting an apartment. In most cases, the rental deal is struck directly with the landlord instead of with a salaried administrator so it's easier to find a deal that suits individual needs. Finally, renting a room cuts down on other costs, since kitchen facilities and tools and other furniture are usually provided.

Renting a room is a great way for homeowners and even other renters to make extra money. It can bring hundreds of dollars of income without the hassle or cost of buying, managing and maintaining new properties. On the other hand, those that already own rental properties know well the risk of a single destructive tenant. With multiple tenants, the higher-quality tenants help police the property for the sake of their own living conditions, thus protecting the landlord's interests. Finally, with their belongings in the building confined mostly to a single room, it's easier to remove an unwanted tenant.

All across Washington, there are great opportunities. It's a great place to live. A good way to get started in the state is to rent a room or share a house or apartment with others. By the same token, renting a room to others is a great way to make extra cash.