Section 8 Apartments for Rent in Wisconsin (0)


Wisconsin's Section 8 housing program offers new hope to those trapped in impoverished and rough neighborhoods. Section 8 heavily subsidizes rent for relocation to better neighborhoods and towns, allowing families to start a new beginning in a better place. Now more than ever, living in an affordable home has never been more important. The global recession and housing market crash have forced millions to low-income Americans to make tough choices about where they live. Fortunately, Section 8 provides an option to begin anew in a better neighborhood. In Wisconsin, many low-income residents have found Section 8 to be a life saver.

Wisconsinites who qualify for Section 8 housing enjoy many benefits. Section 8 provides generous housing subsidies for relocation as well as a huge variety of government approved landlords within the program to choose from. All Section 8 housing units are looked over before residential occupation, ensuring that living standards, health conditions and sanitation quality is up to code. Those who are approved for Section 8 vouchers and move into better neighborhoods can take advantage of their amenities such as better schools, improved public transportation and safer streets. In just the past few years, Section 8 has helped thousands of Wisconsin residents relocate to better neighborhoods and start over.

Wisconsin has a wide array of great cities and towns to live in under Section 8. Landlords in the program can be found all across the state, especially in its major cities.

Milwaukee is one of the top places to live in Wisconsin under Section 8 housing. The city, the largest in the state, holds many amenities and offers a high quality of life and great livability. Milwaukee has good public transit, plenty of schools to choose from and a strong local economy. The city's top amenities include the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Milwaukee County Zoo, Lake Park, Cathedral Square Park and its stunning lakefront. Madison, the state capital, boasts excellent schools and hospitals and has been ranked as one of the country's safest and most livable cities. Its top amenities include the numerous lakes within its limits, Henry Vilas Zoo, the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, the Chazen Museum of Art and several public parks.

Further information and Section 8 housing applications can be found online as well as in local government offices. The Department of Housing and Urban Development's website contains critical information as well.

With its generous housing subsidies and high quality of life, Wisconsin is one of the best states for those interested in Section 8 housing.