Section 8 Apartments for Rent in West Virginia (1)

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1 Bed/1 Bath - Apartment for Rent - $700

5910 Maccorkle Ave #108

Saint Albans, WV 25177

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Frequently referred to as the Mountain State, the state of West Virginia has a rather unique and interesting past. Formed from the larger state of Virginia as a result of the Civil War, West Virginia is the only state in the country to be situated completely within a mountain range. Today, West Virginia offers a wealth of natural beauty and attractions.

Residents within the state of West Virginia who struggle to pay their rent each month due to low income will find they can benefit from Section 8 housing assistance. This program, which is operated under the direction of HUD, is meant to make it easier for low-income families and individuals to make their rental payments each month. The Department of Housing and Urban Development accomplishes this goal by subsidizing rental payments for families and individuals who are designed as low-income based on income eligibility guidelines. An application must be completed in order to participate in the Section 8 program in West Virginia.

West Virginia residents who do complete the application process and who receive a Section 8 housing voucher can then begin to search for available properties throughout the state. Regardless of whether a resident lives in Wheeling, Harpers Ferry, Charleston or Morgantown, there are numerous Section 8 properties available to choose from. There are also many different types of Section 8 rental properties available in the state of West Virginia. For instance, individuals and families who do not require a lot of space and who are not concerned about needing a lot of privacy may be able to benefit by choosing from among the available Section 8 apartments in the state. There are also many houses available for Section 8 rental assistance in West Virginia. In fact, there has been an increasing number of houses become approved for Section 8 rental assistance recently. One of the reasons for this is that landlords in West Virginia are learning of the benefits offered by becoming approved through Section 8, including access to more renters and reliable, timely rental payments.

Finding a Section 8 rental available in your local area in West Virginia is as simple as going online and conducting a quick and convenient search using Within minutes you can be provided with a listing of rentals available for Section 8 housing assistance nearby. All that is left is to contact the landlord directly to inquire about details for that property.