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Affordable Housing in Colorado:
Many Colorado residents have taken advantage of the Section 8 housing program that provides financial assistance for those who qualify. Federal and state governments work closely with Colorado landlords and single property owners to ensure the best possible living situations for low-income tenants. Apartments, townhouses, and single family homes are available through a subsidy-based voucher system, a system that enables access to a variety of choices and locations. Affordable housing can make a significant difference in overall lifestyle quality, especially for Coloradans whose incomes fall short of the monthly cost of living. A number of organizations work in concert to bring this program to fruition, thus making the process easier on prospective renters. In some cases, purchasing a modest home is also a possibility.

Section 8 is also known as The Housing Choice Voucher Program, which is comprised of local public housing agencies (PHAs) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Together, these departments work with and provide additional funding to landlords in all 64 counties across the state. They factor in the average income of each respective area, as well as appraising the median value of the existing properties. If the amount of total family income exceeds more than 50 percent of monthly expenses, taking a closer look at this program is a good idea. On the average, these calculations can result in covering roughly 70 percent of monthly rent, which allows for residents to breathe a little easier.

Landlords in Colorado are currently waiting to fill up a number of vacancies. In order to qualify for the program, submitting a valid Social Security Number, photo ID, and proof of annual income to the housing authority is required. Approved applicants must also maintain their good standing in the community, which includes paying rent on time, complying with a simple set of courtesy-based rules, but also notifying the residential coordinator of any changes in tenancy or financial gain.

Existing voucher recipients are required to inhabit the same physical address for a minimum of one year before relocating, as well as finding an alternate location that complies with the guidelines of the voucher program. A written request and a 30 day notice are also mandatory.

By taking a look at our many Section 8 listings in Colorado, voucher recipients can contact landlords directly by phone or via email. Finding a decent place to live just became easier, and we're glad to be of help!