Section 8 Condos for Rent in Georgia (2)

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2 Bed/1 Bath Condo for Rent $1300

87 Harwell Road Northwest

Atlanta, GA 30311

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3 Bed/2 Bath Condo for Rent $3500

76 Mayson Avenue Northeast

Atlanta, GA 30307
$3,500 - $3,600/mo

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In the current economy, more and more Georgia residents are struggling to find comfortable and clean affordable housing. Whether you are interested in renting or even potentially purchasing a home, Section 8 is the solution. This guide will serve as an introduction to Section 8 in the state of Georgia, and how to go about finding homes and apartments for rent or sale in order to take advantage of government subsidies and vouchers for accommodation. If you are struggling with home payments or rent, look into Section 8 as an option for you and your family.

What is Section 8?
Section 8 is the name for the Housing Act passed in 1937 that serves to provide affordable accommodation for US Citizens, including those living in the state of Georgia. The state or government provides some of the rent each month for citizens who live in certain apartments and homes in the state. Each month, the landlord collects a portion of rent from the tenant, and a portion of the rent from the United States government. If the tenant refuses to pay rent or is late repeatedly for payments, they are withdrawn from the program.

Housing Choice Voucher Program:
The most popular implementation of Section 8 in the state of Georgia is enjoyed by thousands of residents. Instead of having to live in certain areas based on where the government has arranged rental agreements, participants in the Section 8 program are provided with vouchers of a certain amount each month. The amount is based on a variety of factors, including income, region and the amount of family members living in the home. This voucher amount can then be applied to any rental organization or home offering on the market. Participants are given the freedom to choose exactly where they want to live. The voucher can even be applied to home purchases, with the monthly amount for mortgage rather than for rental payments.

VASH Program:
The VASH program, or the Veterans Administration Supported Housing, is part of Section 8 and works in much the same way. US veterans are provided with vouchers which can cover up to the entire monthly rent, including utilities, in order to guarantee safe accommodation for those who have worked hard to protect their country.

For those who are interested in Section 8, be sure to understand whether your housing options include the Housing Choice Voucher Program, or whether you should research tenant housing as well.