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4 Bed/2 Bath - Duplex for Rent - $1500

1718 Rockhill Rd

Manhattan, KS 66502

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Kansas Section 8 Housing
Frequently referred to as the Heart of America, the state of Kansas has plenty to offer. As any native Kansas resident can tell you, there truly is no place like home. For many individuals and families living in Kansas; however, the price of having a place to call home can sometimes be too high. This is where Section 8 housing assistance can help. Residents of Kansas who have been approved through Section 8 and who currently have a Section 8 housing voucher can now take advantage of an array of available houses and apartments.

Section 8 housing assistance in Kansas works by providing low-income individuals and families with subsidized rental assistance. Each family and individual that applies for the program will be interviewed to determine the amount they are able to affordably pay in rent each month. Whatever rent beyond that amount will then be subsidized by the government through the Section 8 program. For the many families and individuals living in Kansas who wonder each month how they will afford to pay their rent, this program can be quite advantageous.

Prospective renters with Section 8 vouchers who are searching for rentals in Kansas will discover there to be many options available to them. While there are certainly many apartment buildings that have been inspected and approved as Section 8 rentals, there are also many houses that are available through Section 8 as well. This is due to the many private landlords that have taken the initiative to become approved through the program. Renting a Section 8 house in Kansas can provide renters with many advantages. This type of arrangement can be ideal for a growing family that finds an apartment to be too small in terms of space. A Section 8 house can also be a great solution for the individual or family who desires more privacy than an apartment typically offers. By renting a house through Section 8 in Kansas, you can be assured of an affordable monthly rent and plenty of space and privacy.

Whether you live in Topeka, Kansas City, Lawrence or Wichita, if you have a Section 8 voucher you will find there are plenty of housing options available. A quick search on can help you to locate a house or apartment that has been approved through the Kansas Section 8 housing program. From there, it is a simple matter of contacting the landlord and making arrangements to view the house or apartment in question.