Section 8 Rentals in Alaska (0)


Many residents of Alaska today are obtaining rental assistance through the federal government's Section 8 program. This program is offered through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and it essentially is designed to pay a portion of your rent on your home, apartment, or other type of rental property.

Who Is It For?
The Alaska Section 8 program is most often used by low income families who are struggling to pay their bills based on their low income. However, it is often also used by the elderly and the disabled. The program helps those who otherwise would struggle to live in safe, clean housing to pay their monthly rent. You must apply for the program through your local HUD office. The main office servicing Alaska is at 3000 C Street, Suite 401 in Anchorage. Often there is a lengthy list of applicants and limited spaces available in the program, so you are encouraged to apply soon for faster admission into the program.

Finding Housing:
Once you have been approved for a housing voucher under the Section 8 program, your next task is to locate suitable housing. Your approval with the program will provide you with a dollar amount for you subsidy based on your family's income as well as the size of your family. With your voucher, you can begin looking for house. Some websites service the Section 8 rental market, and can make it easier for you to find suitable housing. Keep in mind that the voucher can only be used in properties that are deemed by the HUD office to be clean, sanitary, and healthy for your family. Using websites that cater to the Section 8 rental market can make it easier for you to find properties that meet HUD requirements. HUD will have to approve the property you choose before you can start receiving funds through the program, and so you will find it faster and easier to select a property that is approved and meets HUD requirements right from the start.

Many people who make use of the Alaska Section 8 program find that it can improve their quality of life. This is a program that enables struggling individuals and families alike to live in safe, clean housing. Because it pays for a portion of your rent, it can also free up some of your monthly income to be used for food, clothing, and other necessities, too.