Section 8 Rentals in Vermont (0)


The Vermont Section 8 program provides eligible families with much-needed rental assistance, which enables them to live in safe, acceptable housing that they are able to choose for themselves. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides funding for the program, and area public housing authorities administer it in every state. Note also that the program uses housing stock that is privately owned.

Qualifying for Section 8 housing:

Families, the elderly, as well and single and disabled people, who incomes meets the program's established guidelines are eligible for this financial aid. Once you apply and are told that you qualify, you will be placed on waiting listing until the funds you requested are available. At that time, a voucher or certificate will be issued to you as the voucher holder.

How the program works in Vermont:

The Department of Housing and Urban Development sponsors Section 8, the Housing Choice Voucher Program, in Vermont, and applicants who qualify are given vouchers they can use to subsidize their rent. The program's mission is to provide low-income tenants with suitable housing they can afford, and they must meet certain earned income and other income criteria in order to qualify for assistance.

Purpose of the voucher:

With a voucher, the Vermont State Housing Authority (VSHA) verifies that the voucher holder (either the prospective landlord or the tenant) is qualified to participate in the Section 8 program at the local level. The voucher also indicates the voucher holder's obligations under the program, the size of the bedroom the family requires, and the amount of time the voucher holder has to find a suitable apartment to rent.

What you can do:

Those who wish to enroll in the Section 8 program should begin by contacting their local housing office. You can also visit the VSHA website at By filling out the form indicated, you can find the housing authority for your area and application information, which will result in a search for private benefit programs.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program's requirements vary, depending on the area. Usually, in order to qualify, those in your household should earn 50 percent or less ofthe median income in your section. When your application is processed, the Public Housing Agency may also consider other issues and information—such as the size of your household, their employment status and citizenship status—with preference given to very low-income Vermont families. After you have been given your Section 8 voucher, you can begin contacting landlords who want Section 8 tenants living in their rentals by using's Section 8 search.