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4 Bed/1 Bath - Mobile for Rent - $2995

1410 N 10th St #24

San Jose, CA 95112
$2,520 - $2,995/mo

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Section 8 Housing in California

Being elderly, having a disability or lower income does not have to impose a negative effect on you or your family's well being. Everyone is entitled to provide what is best for the family, and that includes being able to provide a safe living environment suitable for you and your family's needs. Many affordable Section 8 housing rentals are available that will suit your individual living situation.

Section 8 housing allows those in low income households to choose from a listing of approved, privately-owned rental properties. In some cases, Section 8 can be used towards mortgage payments for qualified first-time home buyers. To check for eligibility, contact your local public housing authority to see to see if you qualify for housing assistance. A household's total gross income and family size are taken into consideration to determine eligibility. However, although those with a criminal history are not necessarily disqualified, certain crimes will bar an individual from receiving assistance. Once approved, the family is placed on a waiting list, which can vary in waiting time due to the constantly changing housing market in California. A Section 8 Voucher is then received, and house hunting can begin!

As a recipient, certain obligations must be met to determine ongoing assistance each year. A reexamination by your local housing authority is conducted annually, usually giving notice of their upcoming review two weeks in advance. A full listing of obligations can be requested from your HA office. Certain aspects such as household income and family size are reviewed; all changes in income by all family members must be reported. An inspection of the property is also carried out with advanced notice. The renter must be free from any criminal-related activity, mainly drug related or violent crimes. Other aspects are taken into consideration to determine eligibility. Repeated violations can revoke any governmental housing assistance.

California is well known for its beauty and moderate climate in many parts of the state. However, the beautiful scenery definitely comes with a high price. Due to the high cost of living in many parts of California, finding a suitable and affordable place to live may seem like a daunting and discouraging ordeal. Your economic status, disability, or age does not have to prevent or discourage you from finding a safe and affordable place to live. These resources are here to aid in helping you find the right place to call home.