Houses for Rent in Florida

Florida is the best place to live if you love warm weather. This factor shouldn’t be underrated. With warmer weather comes more opportunity to spend outdoors and on the water. The first step to living in Florida is finding a place to call home. We will cover many different options in regards to what cities are best suited for you. Florida isn’t a cheap place to live. That’s why you might be shocked to find out that there are houses for rent in Florida that cost less than $1,000 per month. You might think this means these houses are located in bad neighborhoods, but that’s not the case at all. You can find these types of prices in very good areas of Jacksonville. Not only that, but the amenities for these Jacksonville communities are often impressive. For instance, it’s easy to find Jacksonville rental homes that offer a pool, a Laundromat and a community center. These might sound like standard amenities to some people, but keep in mind that this is for less than $1,000 per month. An added benefit is that most of these apartments are close to Jacksonville beaches. If you would prefer a more luxurious lifestyle, look at house rentals in Tampa Bay. If you want top-tier conditions, then you need to spend between $1,500 and $2,000 per month. This can get you into a community with a fitness center, a heated pool, a clubhouse with a pool table as well as beautiful gardens. If that’s not impressive enough, a house rental like this might also include a European-style kitchen, a full kitchen, a washer/dryer and a large backyard. If you’re looking for houses for rent in Florida and you want a quiet atmosphere, look in Spring Hill or Fort Myers. Spring Hill is especially quiet and most of these Florida home rentals will offer a lot of land. The interiors are often basic, but you can find a rental home for less than $800 per month. This can easily include 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and over 1,600 square feet of space. Home rentals in Fort Myers can be found for around the same price. The difference is that you will get higher quality and less space. If you want a rental home in Orlando, you should expect to pay a minimum of $1,000 per month. However, you might have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, over 1,400 square feet of space and easy access to some of the best entertainment in the country. If you’re on the hunt for cheap house rentals in Florida, look in Davie. This area is right outside of Ft. Lauderdale, which means convenience in regards to great restaurants, exciting attractions and beautiful beaches. The homes in this area are often in quiet neighborhoods and the quality is almost always impressive. For example, solid maple cabinets, central air, screened porches and wall-to-wall carpet shouldn’t come as a surprise. Many of these communities are heavy on activities as well, such as bocce ball, shuffleboard and dances. The prices for cheap home rentals in Davie will rarely exceed $1,000 per month despite how much you will be getting in return. For those who are looking for secluded house rentals in Florida, look in Astor, especially if you want one of the most peaceful settings imaginable. Much of this area is in the Ocala National Forest, which means not many other people are around. For less than $1,000 per month, you can have 10 private acres and access to fishing, hiking and hunting. This is the ideal location for an outdoorsman, a photographer, a writer or an artist.