Houses for Rent in Louisana

Renting a home in Louisiana comes with responsibilities for both the landlord and the tenant. Under the law, it is the duty of the landlord not to discriminate while renting a property on the basis of race, color, sex, handicap, national origin or familial status. The landlord cannot request an agent to set limitations on their behalf, which the agent is bound by law to maintain. In addition, the owner of a property or an agent are not allowed to set conditions when advertising the property; for example, advertise that a property is available only to persons of a certain color, race, religion, etc.

Individuals looking to rent a home have the right to expect that the house will be available without any such discriminations or limitations. It also includes the right to expect professional service that is equal to everyone regardless of religion, color, handicap, etc. and have a wide range of housing choices. There should be no discrimination in pricing, financing and rules of accommodation, and the procedure should be free of harassment or intimidation. Everyone should have the right to exercise their fair housing rights.

When renting a house in Louisiana, it is important to walk through the house and make sure everything is in order before finalizing an agreement. It is a good idea to go through all the appliances one by one and also to check out the bathrooms to make certain everything is in working order. One should also make clear as to who is responsible for their maintenance. One should make sure that there are no insects or rodents present, and if there are find out who is responsible for getting rid of them. Use a measuring tape frequently and ensure that all the furniture will fit in the new place. Clarify which utilities and fixes are included in the rent and what parking space is available. Clearing such things beforehand makes everything smoother after one moves in.

If during the walkthrough one finds that something is broken, then they should have the landlord take care of it before moving in. One should sit down and agree on the rent due date and the policy on late rent. Find out if renter's insurance is required, and if it is, then get quotes before making any commitments. Check out the neighborhood's crime statistics online to make sure the area is safe. Finally, check the moving in and moving out dates so there is no confusion and acquire a copy of the lease. Keep the copy in a safe and handy place.

Once a Louisiana rental property has been rented, the tenants have a right to their privacy and the landlord can't visit without prior notice. However, it is important to avoid potential problems. This can be carried out by doing a background check on all prospective clients. Schedule regular inspections, and if possible, write the dates in the lease agreement. Two inspections a year are good. Monitor for unusually high electricity or water usage and keep tabs through information from maintenance people. Watch out for too much traffic going into or out of the property. It may also be a good idea to give a neighbor a telephone number to contact in case they observe any strange behavior.