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If you're looking for a Michigan rental home, it can be very time consuming finding the right one unless you have the right resource that can sift out exactly what you want, where you want it and how much you're willing to pay.

Our website offers a professional forum for both renters looking for a house, condo, duplex or townhouse rentals, or other property rentals and landlords or property managers looking to get leases on their Michigan houses for rent signed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most Michigan residential rentals listed are long-term rentals of a year or more. However, monthly, six month or two year leases are not uncommon.

Michigan can certainly boast of having more shorelines than any other U.S state, with the exception of Alaska. It's shores run an immense stretch along Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Superior. Lake Michigan separates the state into the Upper Peninsula that is sparsely populated, which provides very dense forest and natural landscapes; and the Lower Peninsula, an area where the vast majority of its populace live.

The lakes offer a wide variety of attractions, events and activities during the summer months, and an assortment of winter sports to keep just about everyone happy year-round. An array of lakeside homes, cabin, vacation and property rentals can be found scattered throughout the area. Michigan is a prime destination for nature-lovers and outdoor adventures, with literally miles of open-country trails, hills and forests for hikers and mountain bikers during the warmer months and cross-country skiers during the winter.

Michigan's industrial base is concentrated on automobiles, transportation and mechanical equipment, which makes up about thirty percent of its economic production. Production is heavily centered on Detroit, Flint, Dearborn, Pontiac and Lansing. Non-electrical machinery, chemicals, food products, primary metals and fabricated metal products also make up the large industrial sector of Michigan.

About forty miles from east Lake Michigan and ranked as one of the best towns in America on a consistent basis, Grand Rapids, the land of a thousand lakes, lures visitors each year with its unsurpassed natural wonders, its assortment of golf courses and recreational activities. A booming metropolis with an ever-developing sector that includes information technology, aviation, automotive and consumer goods manufacturing industries, keeps residents happy with a strong economy, superb healthcare and a progressive educational curriculum.

Just southeast lies a Ann Arbor, famous for one of the top ranked universities in the country, the University of Michigan. A true and authentic college town, Ann Arbor is known as a cultural and intellectual haven, which boasts of more book purchases per capita than any other city in America. The town is the mainstay of prestigious galleries, museums, live music and attractions, and historic streets.

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