Houses for Rent in Missouri

Missouri Homes for Rent Provide Unique Living Opportunities

Missouri is a Midwestern state known for its history of agriculture, arts, historical sites, and some of the best universities in the Midwest. An intriguing combination of metropolitan cities filled with sophisticated shops and rolling farms filled with livestock and crops, Missouri draws in tenants who are seeking homes to rent in both rural areas and major cities such as St. Louis and Kansas City.

Real estate investors in Missouri can take advantage of the multiple opportunities to purchase houses, duplexes, condos, and apartments to lease to tenants. Tenants in this Midwestern state typically are in search of affordable housing that offers superior heating and cooling units, furnished appliances, and easy parking access. Whereas in some states on both coasts of the country, tenants may be choosier when it comes to more elaborate and expensive furnishings, Midwestern living is more casual and practical and this makes it affordable for landlords to provide quality houses and apartments that are attractive and functional.

Landlords in Missouri have the opportunity to take practical apartment buildings and houses and make changes to them that will not break the budget but will bring in more money each month for rent. The average rent for a two bedroom apartment in Missouri ranges from $450 to $600, depending upon the city or rural area the building is located in and any additional amenities that are offered on the grounds.

Investors in rental homes can increase the rent up to $50 to $100 per month by including a washing and drying unit in the apartment, installing a basic security system, and upgrading kitchen and bathroom cabinets and countertops. These small changes will be a moderate initial investment and will result in larger sums of rent being paid for the apartment. More minor changes such as replacing laminate flooring, installing new blinds, and adding new door handles and fashionable curtain rods to each room can allow the landlord to increase the price of rent anywhere from $30 to $60 per month.

Renters in Missouri often seek houses and apartments that are close to family-friendly locations such as parks, shopping centers, and schools. Renters who are interested in finding an upgrade from their current house or apartment can check online real estate directories for renters to discover which properties are available in their price range. Renters who are interested in finding an upgraded house or apartment will often need to pass a credit and employment check, as well as to provide stable and solid references.

It is important for anyone who is a renter to remember to keep a good rental history with landlords when at all possible. This will pave the way to more opportunities in the future to rent or lease homes that are upper scale and provide more favorable amenities. Long-term relationships between landlords and tenants prove to be beneficial to both parties. The landlord is able to maintain a steady income from the same tenant and the tenant is able to enjoy a long-term, secure residence.