Houses for Rent in Vermont

Rental Homes In Vermont

Relative to population, Vermont has more open space than any other state in the country. The biggest city in Vermont is Burlington with a population of only 42,000. The majority of the state is covered in forest. Most of what isn't covered in forest is covered in lakes and meadows. The Green Mountains are a popular area for snow skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Lake Champlain is a popular spot for any type of water activity you can think of, but there are also many smaller and more secluded lakes to choose from. Some lakes will not allow motor boats and some will. That being the case, if you enjoy the water and you're looking to rent a home in Vermont, you should find out the rules for any lakes in the area. Overall, Vermont is the most natural state in the country. If you enjoy peace and quiet as well as small towns and nature, then you should consider renting a home in Vermont. It's a laidback lifestyle.

When searching for a home to rent in Vermont, the first place to look is Burlington, especially if you want access to quality shopping, dining and attractions. Burlington also has more job opportunities than any other city in the state. You can rent a home here for between $1,500 and $2,000 per month. Many of these homes are a Cape Cod style and come with a garage and cellar. Hardwood floors shouldn't come as a surprise.

For a similar price, you can rent a home in Essex. The biggest difference between Essex and Burlington is that you're likely to find more land in Essex. For example, you can rent a home in Essex for around $1,700 and receive 3 acres of land with gardens. There's also a chance you will have walking trails on your property. Interior features are likely to include a large great room, a study and a full kitchen. The key to renting a home in Essex is finding one that offers a good deal of land. If you're paying more than $1,700 per month and you don't have at least 2 acres, you did something wrong.

Another great option for rental homes in Vermont is Bristol. The homes here can be rented for between $1,000 and $1,500 per month. These homes are likely to come with mountain views, easy access to ski and hiking trails and as much as 10 acres of land. Interior features are often standard, which is the main reason for the affordable price.

If you would like to rent a lake front home in Vermont, then you should look at Bluff Road in Colchester. For between $1,200 and $,1400 per month, you can have mountain and lake views from your own private patio, easy access to historic bike paths and a home with many windows and skylights. Vaulted ceilings are also a strong possibility.

Renting a home in Vermont is best suited for those who want a slower pace of life and easy access to adventure.