Houses for Rent in Milwaukee, WI (4)

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3 Bed/2 Bath - House $1400

8545 W. Appleton Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53225

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3 Bed/1 Bath - House $1250

4719 N 29th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53209

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3 Bed/1 Bath - House $2125

130 N 90th St

Milwaukee, WI 53226

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3 Bed/2 Bath - House $1925

3276 N 92nd St

Milwaukee, WI 53222

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Renting Houses in the City of Milwaukee

If you are someone who is interested in making sure that you know how you feel about a city before you buy a house, it is time for you to consider a house rental. Milwaukee is a large city on the shores of Lake Michigan, and though it is certainly a great place to live, you need to make sure that it is a great place for you before you consider moving there. What do you need to know about rental homes in Milwaukee before you pack your bags and show up?

In the first place, it is worth understanding that Milwaukee is a city that experiences some intense extremes in weather. Not only will you have to deal with intense cold, you will also need to think about how you can cope with the intense heat of the summertime. One way to mitigate your costs is to make sure that your landlord takes care of your utility bills if at all possible. This is much more likely on older houses.

Think about where you want to live when you move to Milwaukee. There are many houses for rent along the lakefront, though they are more expensive, especially if they have a lake view. On the other hand, there are wonderfully affordable residences in areas like Riverwest, where you will also be very close to a few greenways and right on the Milwaukee river as well. You'll also find that the area south of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is also great for house rentals, particularly if you want to be in an easily accessible place that has plenty of great public transportation options.

If you are planning to rent a home in Milwaukee, think about what your needs are. There are the basic needs, like the number of rooms and bathrooms, but also think about how you want to live. Do you like the idea of moving forward with things like a garden and plenty of space to landscape, or are you more interested in an interesting older house with plenty of quirks and personality? If you don't mind living in a house with other tenants, Milwaukee is known for its Polish flats, which is essentially a house that has been divided up into two identical floor plans, one on the first story and one on the second. This is a great way to get the house experience while paying apartment prices.

Think about what you want out of your Milwaukee experience. If you want to be close to downtown, which is the city's business center, consider a home in Riverwest or anywhere along the East Side. If you are more interested in suburban living, consider heading north to communities like Whitefish Bay or Glendale. There are many fantastic options waiting for you in the City of Festivals!