Townhouses for Rent in Alaska

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Depending on which part of this state prospective residents choose to inhabit, Alaska townhouses provide an easy and carefree opportunity to enjoy everything this amazing state has to offer.

Considering that Alaska covers an area of 586,400 square miles, the chances of finding a townhouse to suit any need is possible. Consisting of modern cities and towns, Alaska features a history rich in tradition, lore, gold and industrialism.

Beginning as a small railroad camp, many will find it surprising that Anchorage is home to one half the entire state's population. For those who prefer townhouses located within the heart of the city, residents and visitors alike can take advantage of sites located outdoors to explore traditional customs such as boat making, basketry and beadwork. Offering a fully narrated tour through Anchorage, find out how Alaska was molded by hardship overcome by the diligence of its people.

Located in the middle section of the state, Denali National Park is easily accessible via Anchorage from the south and Fairbanks from the north. Lauded as one of the busiest wildlife parks in the world based on size, Denali boasts sightings of bear, moose, wolves and caribou, to name just a few of the total 39 mammal species. Just as impressive is the variety of bird and fish populations.

For those interested in townhouses around the Fairbanks area, find that this mid-size city retains a large amount of small town charm. Rent a townhouse in Fairbanks to experience extreme weather conditions for cold and warm weather activities. Often reaching up to 80 degrees during summer, the sun is above the horizon for 18 to 21 hours each day. Another interesting fact about renting a townhouse in this area is that the moose population is around 20,000. It is not surprising to glimpse a moose walking down a city sidewalk.

In addition to offering numerous townhouse rentals on the mainland, Alaska features an island destination easily accessible by air or by ferry. Popular for deep sea fishing and beach combing, Kodiak Island offers miles of coastline to explore tidal pools and collect shells and sea glass. Renting a townhouse in Kodiak will surely feel like a holiday.

Plan on renting a townhouse in one of Alaska's wilderness or urban environments. Find that Alaska not only provides safe and efficient places to reside but also numerous choices for careers, educational opportunities and leisure activities. Locate your next townhouse rental or rent out an Alaskan townhome today on