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The Verified program at was started at the end of 2018. Its purpose is to help fight online fraud and help renters feel safe when contacting members of ads posted on The method of doing this was to verify that the person posting the ad was who they say they were. It not only helps us keep more secure and fights fraud, but more importantly, keeps renters feeling safe and creates a positive user experience.

Look for this badge on ads throughout the website:

In order for a member to become 'Verified', we require that ad owners provide us with two items after posting their rental ad:

1. An official government-issued ID with a name and a photo (such as a driver's license, passport, or visa).
2. A recent photo, to be used to match against the photo on the government-issued ID.

This two-part verification process helps us confirm that members are who they say they are by comparing both the name and the photo on the government-issued ID.

As with all transactions on the Internet, we still highly recommend renters use common-sense even when contacting 'Verified' ad owners. If the owner of the ad cannot meet you in person and show you the inside of the property, use caution. For more information on rental scams, click here.

If you wanted to become a 'Verified' member of, please log-in to your Landlord account and click the 'Profile' link, then select the 'Verified Member' toggle switch. If you are already logged-in to your Landlord account, please click here to proceed with the steps that follow. This process is free of charge.