Rental Properties in District of Columbia

When renting a property in Washington D.C., a tenant should start by considering his or her price range. There are plenty of apartments for rent at different price ranges throughout D.C.'s eight wards. These eight wards contain over 37 neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are not officially defined, but they do have Advisory Neighborhood Commissions. Spending some time in Washington D.C. is a smart idea before committing to anything from condo rentals to Section 8 rentals.

For young tenants, Adams Morgan is a great neighborhood to consider. Adams Morgan contains plenty of rooms for rent, since it has many blocks of restaurants and bars. Some of the most exciting places in Adams Morgan are 18th Street and Columbia Street. While Adams Morgan is known as a place for a younger crowd, it is taking steps to becoming a neighborhood that caters to older folks.

Logan is also a nice part of Washington D.C. to consider for townhouses for rent. Logan has upper-class restaurants and is less noisy than Adams Morgan. Some of the nicest lofts for rent can be found in Logan Circle. Logan Circle is located in the Northwest part of D.C., and it also contains two historic districts. The area is pricier, as it contains art galleries, theaters, and retail stores. The Victorian style of the architecture in the area is another attraction to outsiders.

For highly established professionals, Georgetown is a wonderful neighborhood in D.C. Georgetown is located along the Potomac River, and it contains some of the most high-end shopping in Washington D.C. For students who aspire to live in Georgetown, there are a few different sublet options available from Georgetown University and surrounding apartments.

When looking for a place to live in Washington D.C., one should also consider the accessibility of a particular neighborhood to the Metro system. Columbia Heights is a good area for budget-conscious tenants to check out. Columbia Heights is located in the central part of Washington D.C. It is located in very close proximity to a Metro Station. This makes it easy for professionals to commute to their daily jobs.

Mount Pleasant is also an affordable location to choose for Section 8 rentals or furnished rentals. Mount Pleasant is located near the Metro and Adams Morgan. If one lives in Mount Pleasant, then he or she will be located in walking distance from Adams Morgan.

There are plenty of attractions in Washington D.C., and these attractions make D.C. a very enjoyable place to reside. Whether one is visiting the different Universities in D.C. or historical buildings like the White House, there is no shortage of things to do in Washington D.C.

One of the other benefits of living in Washington D.C. is for the mild weather. With mild changes in the four seasons, residents in D.C. get a taste of each season. Of course, another benefit of living in Washington D.C. is for the community. Once one lives in Washington D.C., he or she will be surrounded by people of political influence. Traveling throughout D.C. on the Metro, one will likely see a couple of Congress members or famous lawyers. Washington D.C. is the ultimate city for a person who wants to gain new connections for professional reasons.

One of the other considerations that a person must make when finding a place in D.C. is whether it is pet-friendly. There are a few high rise apartment complexes in D.C. that do allow pets, however, these places are quite expensive for the average person. Renting out a townhouse may be a person's best option for saving money on a pet friendly place to live.