Handicap Accessible Houses for Rent in Atlanta, GA (0)


Residents settling down in historic Atlanta, Georgia may find it is an opportune time to rent a house. They don't want a mortgage. Yet, they still need to select from an inventory of long-term rental possibilities. The housing market may be something they just don't wish to contend with at this stage yet they still require the privacy and sprawl that a house has to offer and at an affordable price.

Much of the same considerations you have when renting an apartment, you will have with renting a home. You will always want to make sure you are getting the best deal. This means doing a lot of investigative work before signing a rental agreement lease.

Location is what drives real estate and it goes the same for finding your dream rental home. There are close to 300 neighborhoods in Atlanta so there should be something suitable for everyone's needs. Some renters prefer being close to the ultimate dining experience. Five Points, for example holds the key to many restaurants, live entertainment and other amenities of city living. If your desire is to live in an historical district then Ansley Park or Morningside may fit the bill for Victorian architecture and spacious bungalows.

Study the area before making a final decision. This involves visiting the community at different times of the day. You will be looking for the type of activity that goes on there. With the Internet such a vital part of our lives today, you can pretty much weed out an undesirable area in advance of visiting it.

Atlanta has a lot of neighborhoods that are close to cultural attractions, public transportation, highways, schools, etc. You determine what your needs are and search accordingly.

Once you have that information in hand, determine a suitable budget for the dwelling you need. Don't budget for a two-bedroom lifestyle if you require three bedrooms, for example. Or determine if the two-bedroom house has a bonus room that can be converted into the extra bedroom you need. Find out the homeowner's policy on pets. Some landlords will not allow them, while others will permit small pets into the house.

If you have a family with children you may also need to determine if you prefer living closer to one of the city's 348 parks. If you're a frequent visitor to attractions, proximity to locations like Six Flags Amusement Park or the APEX Museum might also be a determining factor in where you choose to live.

There are many options available when renting a house in Atlanta, including rent to own, and renting furnished houses. Lower income individuals can also be assured there is an ample inventory of rental homes accepting government issued Section 8 subsidies.