Apartments for Rent in South Dakota

Renting an apartment is an increasingly popular option in today's tough economy. In the state of South Dakota, renters will find plenty to love. The state boasts a modest cost of living, strong economy and Midwestern friendliness. Whether you're a retiree, family or young professional looking for your first apartment, South Dakota is sure to please.

South Dakota offers renters everything from studio apartments to condos to modern, urban apartment complexes. The state has a booming jobs market and also benefits from low taxes, a stable job market and an excellent transportation infrastructure. The state has surprisingly great cultural amenities as well as abundant outdoors and recreational options like fishing, hiking, biking and hunting.

One of the top places to rent an apartment in South Dakota is Sioux Falls, the state's largest city. Sioux Falls is home to a vibrant arts scene and boasts a low cost of living, clean air, good schools and low crime. The city's top attractions and amenities include the beautiful Falls Park, the Great Plains Zoo, the Old Courthouse Museum, the Strawbale Winery and the Delbridge Museum of Natural History. Excellent shopping opportunities can be found at the Downtown Farmers' Market and the Empire Mall, while the city is also home to many great restaurants and bars as well.

Rapid City is another affordable, livable place to rent an apartment. Its top attractions are Dinosaur Park, the Journey Museum, Art Alley and much more. The city is known for its low crime, stable economy and modest cost of living. It's the perfect place for all types of renters, no matter where they're from.

Aberdeen is the state's third largest city and is known as the home of Northern State University. Its youthful atmosphere, stable economy and plentiful nightlife options make it the perfect place for younger renters as well as those looking for a new job or a quiet place to retire.

Pierre, the state capital, has a wide range of rental options, including studios, lofts and condominiums. Like many other South Dakota cities, Pierre offers clean air, good schools and a modest cost of living. Its blend of culture, small town charm and modern amenities make it a great bet for renters seeking a new place in South Dakota.

Other top attractions and amenities in the state of South Dakota include Badlands National Park, the Lewis and Clark Trail, Wind Cave National Park and of course the iconic Mount Rushmore.

With its strong economy, low cost of living and abundant rental options, South Dakota is a hidden gem of a state and the perfect place for a wide variety of prospective renters.