Rental Properties in Nebraska

Nebraska Real Estate for Rent
From its urban areas on the east side of the state to the more desolate areas spreading west, Nebraska offers a range of rental properties for individuals and single families seeking a variety of property types, setting or price ranges. Despite its reputation as Midwestern farmland, Nebraska offers a diverse spread of options that cater to a variety of lifestyles and living situations.

The best place to find the most diverse living options is in Omaha and Lincoln, the two largest cities in Nebraska. Omaha is situated on the Missouri River, which serves as the border of Nebraska and Iowa. The large metropolitan area including and surrounding Omaha contains more than half a million people, or more than one-fourth of the state's population. A wide range of urban rentals, including condo rentals, townhouses for rent and many different apartment for rent, can be found throughout the city.

Lincoln has a scene similar to Omaha's, with a smaller downtown that still features upscale condo units, as well as lofts for rent. Both Lincoln and Omaha have section 8 rentals serving lower-income individuals and families. Several bodies of water provide the setting for beautiful lake houses, such as Capital Lake on the western edge of Lincoln. Many college students and young families take advantage of the duplexes for rent around the college campuses in Lincoln as well as Omaha, and many properties bought around these college campuses are owned as houses for rent and managed by landlords that earn their income off of renting to college students.

Some homeowners in Omaha, Lincoln and elsewhere in the state will offer rooms for rent in their homes. This helps the homeowners cut down on living costs while giving a tenant an inexpensive place to live. Many apartments also have furnished rental options available, which help you if you are moving into the town on a temporary basis or without any of your own furniture to use. Regardless of what type of property you are looking for, pet-friendly options can be found throughout Lincoln and Omaha, although the type of pet you have may further restrict the available options.

Throughout the state's smaller towns and rural areas, rental properties aren't as abundant because the demand isn't as high, but the rental properties that are available tend to come at much lower rental rates than what you'll find in the cities. You can find mobiles homes for rent, rooms for rent and some rent-to-own situations for extremely reasonable prices, which can be excellent if you are trying to cut down on living costs and save money for a period of time.

If you are looking for rustic vacation rentals in wilderness settings, cabin rentals can be found in and around some of the state's rural getaways, such as those along the Niobrara River. Some of these properties used for tourism purposes could also serve as long-term homes, if you are seeking a permanent residence in a remote location or simply want to make an extended stay in Nebraska's wilderness areas. Cabin and other wilderness rentals may be available at reduced rates outside of peak tourism season.

With so many different living situations offered, Nebraska's real estate market should be able to please almost anyone -- from downtown Omaha to the Sandhills in the western part of the state, the spectrum of living conditions is offered, and often for less expense than you'll find in other areas where the cost-of-living is higher and the demand greater. Nebraska's central location puts it close to a number of attractive destinations, including the Rocky Mountains and several major cities in every direction.

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