Houses for Rent in Washington

Factors to Consider When Renting a House in Washington

The residents of Washington State enjoy a high standard of living and plenty of recreational opportunities. It's an enviable place to live and although buying homes is certainly popular here an increasing number of families are choosing to rent a home instead. Renters enjoy many of the advantages of home ownership without also taking on the burdens typically involved. Renting a home can be an attractive option, but there are still many factors to consider before signing a lease.

Location is one of the main deciding factors when it comes to renting a house. In Washington residents can choose to live in thriving urban areas or on rural roads. Residential neighborhoods that enjoy quiet, tree lined streets and good schools are not uncommon. Renting a house in an urban area means having a close connection to all that the city has to offer: arts, entertainment, fine dining and an exciting nightlife. It may also mean being in close proximity with some of the major employers in the state of Washington, granting renters a shorter commute.

As a relatively large state Washington offers many suburban and rural communities as well. In these quieter neighborhoods families thrive. Houses available for rent may be older homes built around the turn of the last century or even new construction homes. Either way these are typically low crime areas ideally suited to raising children. Quiet streets that see little traffic, large yards and schools recognized for academic excellence are just a few of the perks of choosing these areas as home. Community involvement is high in these neighborhoods and for many renting a house here is the fulfillment of the American dream.

The size of the house will be another important factor to consider before renting. Rental houses in Washington may be tiny cottages suitable for just one or two people, but they may also include larger homes with multiple bedrooms, a basement and plenty of storage space. Since many rental homes can be leased for a longer period of time such as one or two years it is important to consider how the renter's circumstances may change over that time period. That tiny cottage might seem perfect today with its small monthly rental amount, but if the renter is considering starting a family within the next year or so it may quickly become inadequate. Before signing a long term lease think carefully about how life may change during that period and lease accordingly.

Renting a house in Washington offers plenty of flexibility. An urban home may be right one year, but maybe a suburban location is preferred the next. Renting allows the consumer to change their lifestyle from time to time without having to deal with the upheaval of buying and selling property. Along with the financial advantages like having no repair bills and not paying property taxes, renting a house means that the renter has an opportunity to experience a broad range of living styles. This kind of flexibility is always advantageous.